Nickel-catalyzed, sodium iodide-promoted reductive dimerization of alkyl halides, alkyl pseudohalides, and allylic acetates

Prinsell, M., D. Everson, and D. Weix. Nickel-Catalyzed, Sodium Iodide-Promoted Reductive Dimerization of Alkyl Halides, Alkyl Pseudohalides, and Allylic Acetates. no. 31, Chem. Commun., 5745.
Accession Number WOS:000280514500033
Keywords aryl halidesbond formationbromideschloridescross-couplingsdimerselectrophilesgrignard-reagentspinacol coupling reactionsignal-transduction
Abstract The first general method for the reductive dimerization of alkyl halides, alkyl mesylates, alkyl trifluoroacetates, and allylic acetates is reported which proceeds with low catalyst loading (0.5 to 5 mol%), generally high yields (80% ave yield), and good functional-group tolerance.
DOI 10.1039/c0cc01716g
Short Title Chem. Commun.